Royal Heating AC Repair Sun City West


My sincere thanks for the quality services you offered

- Faraday J.

A week ago we had our AC unit inspected. They found some clogging dirt particles and removed them. You guys have proved you are not out there to make money out people who don0t understand the basics of AC units.

- Cynthia Ambrose

Their services were quality and prompt. We had called about an hour ago to have one of our boiler pipes replaced. A team of experts fixed the pipe for us soon enough. Six months ago, we had had our AC unit fixed by the same company. They really are professionals.

- Mr.Alex S.

They came up with a design for my heating system. To be honest, all I knew is that I wanted a heating system installed up and fast. That is exactly what I got!

- Martha Roslyn

First, a team was sent to do an assessment on the condition of my AC unit. They found the problem and advised on the available options. I decided to go for a repair service. The AC unit is now working fine thanks to them.

- Leakey

Hello, just wanted to say thank you for last weeks’ services.

- Mauricio Santa

We had been having problems with the whole HVAC system to pour house. Worse, my wife’s pregnancy was nearly due. We knew it would be hectic, with our little kid in the house and the bad cooling system and stuffy air. This company did a marvelous HVAC installation from scratch. We are so glad.

- David K. Cox

Jimmy did a great job with that heat pump. I had given up on it myself.

- John Amber

A great job you guys did. You AC system work perfectly in all my offices. I had always thought I would be needed to purchase several AC systems for all the offices. Surely, you saved me a lot of money.

- Felix S. Savior

Keep up with the good work. I would surely recommend anyone with AC needs to your company

- Ronny rick

Mercy did not care about getting dirty. She knelt and crawled under my AC unit compartment. That is the highest level of professional I have ever seen.

- Ms. Granger

My friend always used to get exited whenever a debate about AC arose. She is too confident that her AC system is the best. When we visited her house one hot weekend, we admitted that surely, hers was the best AC system. She said your company installed it for her.

- Sharleen

They immediately answered my call, late in the night when one of my boiler pipes started leaking. Highly recommendable services.

- Stephen Lord

I called a team of experts was there 45 minutes later. They fixed my leaking drainage system immediately. Thanks.

- Catherine

I was greatly impressed by their services. They first explained what the problem was and then told me the available options. Their prices are also recommendable.

- Lilian Alyssa